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HVAC Business Insurance

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Being properly licensed and insured as an HVAC contractor shows your credibility to potential and current clients. When homeowners or business owners are in need of HVAC services, they are looking for a trustworthy company that they can confidently hire to get the job done right. 

One of your main focuses as a HVAC contractor should be taking care of your clients in every way possible. One of the biggest ways that you can do that is to have the proper insurance coverage so that you and your client are covered in events of damage, errors, loss, and more. 

At Prime Insurance Market, we understand the difficulties that can come when searching for the right commercial insurance coverage at a price that your small business can afford. Our experienced insurance brokers compare quotes from some of the top insurance companies in the Alpharetta area to ensure that you are getting the coverage you need, at a price that you can afford. Contact our team today to get started!


Reasons For HVAC Business Insurance 

  • Protect the HVAC business from excessive legal expenses.

  • Protect the HVAC vehicles that you rely on to get your job done.

  • Protect tools and equipment from loss, theft, and damage.

  • Protect technicians from the financial burden of mistakes or errors.

  • Protect employees in the event of an accident or injury.

HVAC Business Insurance Coverage Types

General Liability Insurance

The HVAC industry has multiple areas that make general liability insurance vital for your business to succeed. As a HVAC technician, you most likely find yourself within people’s homes and businesses on a daily basis as you install, repair, or perform regular maintenance on heating and cooling units. During these times, you may find your HVAC business to be held liable in the event of an injury to a bystander or damages done to the property. 

Let’s say you are attempting to remove the old HVAC unit and it slips out of a technician's hand — scraping the wall or perhaps even hitting and injuring someone standing nearby. Your HVAC business would be responsible for any expenses that the incident caused. With the proper commercial general liability insurance, you would have assistance in covering those expenses to lessen the financial burden placed upon your HVAC business. Contact Prime Insurance Market today to learn more! 

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Commercial Auto Insurance

Another important piece to any HVAC business is the vehicles that the technicians use to get from one job to the next and to transport the needed equipment and tools to perform their duties. When on the road, there is a chance of an automobile accident occurring that could leave your business in a financial hard spot. With proper commercial auto insurance, you can have peace of mind that not only the vehicle itself, but your employee will also be covered in the event of an accident. 

The other way that auto insurance can help your HVAC business is assisting in costs that may accompany a vehicle getting stolen or damaged. These unforeseen events can cause an enormous disruption in your work routine as you rely on that vehicle to complete jobs, not to mention the financial burden of replacing or repairing the necessary vehicle to be able to get back to work. Contact Prime Insurance Market today for assistance finding the right auto insurance to fit your HVAC business needs!

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Business Property Insurance

Much like vehicles, HVAC technicians rely on their tools and equipment on a daily basis to be able to perform their job accurately and efficiently. Business property insurance helps assist with costs that accompany damages, theft, or loss of those tools and equipment. While business property insurance is not required for HVAC businesses, why risk your business’ success simply because you didn’t want to mess with getting the proper insurance coverage?

You may think that it will never happen to you, but just take a moment to think about how quickly a tool or material could be taken out of your vehicle or accidentally left at a job location. Without business property insurance, your HVAC business would be left to pay what could be thousands of dollars to buy a new tool to replace what was stolen or lost. Contact our team today for more information about the importance of business property insurance!

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Errors and Omissions Insurance

Part of an HVAC technician’s job is to offer educated advice on what a client should do to solve their HVAC problem as well as performing the needed services. Whether it be advising a client to switch to a ductless unit for higher efficiency or providing advice to clean the ductwork to improve the air quality, the technician can be held liable in the event that poor advice is given — costing the client unnecessary expenses. 

HVAC technicians can also be held liable for costly errors such as incorrectly hooking up the electricity to a new unit that, in return, causes a fire within the client's home or business. This could be hundreds of thousands of dollars that comes back on your HVAC business. With the right errors and omissions insurance, you can have peace of mind when it comes to being held liable for certain advice as well as errors in installation, repairs, or maintenance on a HVAC unit. If you are wanting to ensure the financial safety of your business, contact Prime Insurance Market today!

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The HVAC industry is full of potential dangers as HVAC technicians deal with heavy materials and equipment, power tools, and electricity. Obviously, protocols are put into place to help avoid any employee injuries from occurring, but accidents and injuries happen to even the most experienced HVAC technicians. 

Depending on the amount of people your HVAC business employs, you may be required by law to have some sort of workers’ compensation insurance. However, even if you are not required, offering workers’ compensation insurance to your HVAC technicians and other employees shows them that you care about their well-being. Proper workers’ compensation insurance coverage will assist in the cost of medical bills as well as missed wages, if applicable. Ensure that your employees are taken care of in these times of need. Contact our experts at Prime Insurance Market today!

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Benefits Of Working With A Commercial Insurance Broker

Identifies the insurance coverage types your business needs.

Works with top insurance companies to ensure the highest quality and care.

Ensures that your business has the proper insurance policy.

Offers unbiased opinions on which insurance company is best for your business.

Compares quotes to assist you in finding the best rate available.

Choosing Prime Insurance Market

At Prime Insurance Market in Alpharetta, our team is solely dedicated to finding the insurance coverage your HVAC business needs to succeed. No matter what your insurance needs may be, we will collaborate with you to learn about your situation and create a plan to get you an insurance policy that fits your needs and your budget. Don’t just insure your business, ensure that your clients and employees are taken care of as well. Protect your HVAC business, employees, and clients today by contacting our expert commercial insurance brokers at Prime Insurance Market!


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