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Building or buying a new home is a huge investment and a major milestone for a lot of people.

Whether it is the very first house that you are able to call your own or it’s a part of a big life decision to relocate, your new home is something you will want to ensure is properly protected from harm and destruction.

At Prime Insurance Market in Alpharetta, our team of professional insurance brokers is here to help you find the right type of homeowners insurance to fit your needs at the best price possible. We understand that your budget may be tight with the recent costs of your new home, but home insurance is one area that you do not want to cut corners. Contact us today to get started!


Different Types Of Homes

There are a number of different types and styles of homes that can be found in the Alpharetta area. While homeowners insurance policy requirements and needs may differ slightly from one type to the next, we at Prime Insurance Market specialize in coverage for all of the types of homes listed below. Contact our team today for assistance finding the best homeowners insurance to fit your needs!

Homeowners Insurance Coverage Areas

Building Structure 

First off, homeowners insurance covers the actual building structure of your home. This is the most common part of homeowners insurance, and the coverage area you will probably utilize the most throughout your time as a homeowner. From severe weather that damages the siding or roof to a fire that takes out the entire structure, homeowners insurance has got you covered! 

In an event that causes damage to the structure of your home, you can rest assured that your homeowners insurance will be there to assist financially in repairing or rebuilding the place you call home. Contact our team at Prime Insurance Market today for more information!

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Additional Structures 

Many people have additional structures on their property that surround the actual home. This varies from one property to the other but may include structures such as sheds, detached garages, fences, and more. While these additional structures may not be as high of a priority as your home, it is still nice to know that the investment made in building them is protected with insurance to financially assist in times of damage or destruction.

If you have other buildings or structures on your land, be sure to specify that when searching for homeowners insurance to ensure that you find a policy that offers proper coverage for your needs. Our experienced insurance brokers at Prime Insurance Market specialize in all areas of homeowners insurance and can help ensure that you choose the right policy for your property. Contact us in Alpharetta today to get started!  

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Loss Of Use

When disaster strikes, whether it be categorized as natural or random, you can be left in a tough place. These times are never easy, but knowing that you have good insurance coverage helps ease the mind. One of the ways it does this is by providing loss of use coverage, which helps cover the extra financial burden of being forced to stay somewhere else until your home is back in living condition. 

While we all hope that this area of coverage never has to be utilized, it will be well worth it if you are ever put in a situation where it applies. At Prime Insurance Market, we want to ensure that you are well educated on every area of insurance you may need and understand the importance of each and every one. Contact us today to learn more about loss of use coverage within your homeowners insurance policy!

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Personal Belongings 

The last area of coverage within most homeowner insurance policies is personal property. This includes all of your personal belongings. One of the benefits of this coverage is that it has the ability to cover the cost of lost or damaged personal items while they are both on and off your property. You shouldn’t have to live in fear of losing everything you have worked hard to receive in life. From the clothing on your back to your dream couch or that gigantic TV on the wall, it is all covered under your homeowners insurance in an event of theft, fire, and more! 

At Prime Insurance Market, we understand that not all items are entirely replaceable — especially heirlooms, photos, vintage jewelry, and collectibles — but when these tragedies strike, you will be thankful for every little bit that you do have left, including what you can claim through your homeowners insurance. Contact our team today for more information! 

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Commonly Covered Risks

When it comes to insurance, it always seems like a guessing game of what is and isn’t a covered risk. While many policies vary slightly, below are the most common risks that are covered by homeowners insurance. Make sure that you understand the covered risks of your homeowners insurance policy to ensure that you do not need any additional coverage. If you have any questions or would like more details about specific policy coverages, contact Prime Insurance Market in Alpharetta today!

Fire (including smoke damage)

Extreme Wind


Heavy Snow




Water Damage (caused by the home’s plumbing)


Falling Objects

The Prime Insurance Market Difference

Your home should be a safe space for you and your family, but with the many dangers that exist in this world, it can be challenging to really feel at peace. However, with the right homeowners insurance, you can rest assured that your home is covered and that you are financially protected in an event that causes anything from simple damages to complete loss and displacement. 

At Prime Insurance Market, we partner with some of the best home insurance companies in the Alpharetta area to ensure that we have the ability to equip you with the very best homeowners insurance coverage possible. Our team of insurance brokers not only has experience with all different types of homes that face a variety of risks, but more importantly, we understand insurance inside and out. This allows us to offer you an unbiased, educated opinion of what the best coverage option is for you, simply based off of your needs. Additionally, we at Prime Insurance Market not only offer our professional advice, but we are also dedicated to educating you about homeowners insurance so that you can ultimately make an educated and confident decision. Contact us today to start comparing home insurance quotes!


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