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Business Insurance For Technology Professionals

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Information technology (IT) is a very broad term for everything having to do with the creation and use of technology.

From the many parts of a computer system — hardware, software, and network — to everything involved in processing data to and from the computer system, the term IT refers to it all. 

We rely heavily on the use of technology in our everyday lives. From work to entertainment, we would be lost without the use of technology. With that, there are technology professionals that specifically work with each individual segment that makes up information technology in its entirety. These technology businesses and professionals need specific business insurance just like any other industry does. At Prime Insurance Market, we strive to find you the best rates on all the tech insurance coverage you need. Contact us today to learn more!


Types of Technology Businesses 

  • IT Consulting Business

  • Application Service Provider

  • Software Development Firm

  • Computer Repair Shop

  • Computer Hardware Store

  • Data Processing Company

  • Web Design Company

The Importance of Tech Insurance

The technology businesses listed above are just scratching the surface. The list is ever-growing as the technology industry becomes larger every year. Finding the right insurance for your business is vital to the success of your tech company or firm. As IT consultants and other technology professionals, there is a lot of opportunity for errors that could cost your business everything if you don’t have the proper business insurance. 

A deeper look into the specific types of tech insurance that these technology businesses require will give you a great basic understanding no matter what area of technology your business covers. Contact Prime Insurance Market in Alpharetta today with questions regarding your technology business specifically!  

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The 5 Tech Insurance Coverage Areas

#1 Professional Liability Insurance

As one of the most important insurance coverage types for technology professionals, professional liability insurance is a great place to start. Also known as E&O Insurance, professional liability insurance covers your business and employees when mistakes are made. 

As a technology professional, especially in an IT consultant or data processor position, you are susceptible to being sued for damages done to your client’s business or income as you give advice and work directly with their data. Many times you may not even be responsible for the error or omission that causes the damage, which is why having insurance to help cover costs is vital.  

#2 Cyber Liability Insurance

When you work in the technology industry, cyber insurance is a must-have. No matter what type of technology business you own, you could easily find yourself in a pickle if a cyberattack or data breach occurs. IT consultants, data processors, coders, and especially cyber security specialists are the most common technology professionals affected by these attacks or breaches. 

If your business includes any of these services or has any possibility of being affected by a cyberattack or data breach, you need to have some sort of cyber liability insurance to assist with costs in the event of something occurring. Some professional liability insurance plans include cyber liability insurance, but you will want to confirm that your business is covered in this area one way or another.

#3 Commercial General Liability Insurance

If you own a technology business, you need commercial general liability insurance. It’s as simple as that. Technology professionals such as computer repair technicians or IT consultants that work on location with their clients need general liability insurance to cover any costs that may result in damage to the client’s property.

When your technology business has a storefront, such as a computer hardware store, you need commercial general liability insurance coverage to help cover the costs of a customer getting injured while on your property. Some commercial general liability insurance plans will also cover defamation of your technology business.  

#4 Commercial Property Insurance  

In addition to commercial general liability insurance, any technology business that has their own commercial building will need to acquire commercial property insurance. This is general coverage for any damage done to your property. Whether the damage is caused by man or mother nature, commercial property insurance will help cover the costs of the damage.

Most technology businesses possess an abundance of expensive equipment. From computers to tools, you could lose thousands of dollars worth of equipment in the event of a fire or robbery. Commercial property insurance will also assist in the costs of replacing items similar to these in the event of a loss. Focus on building your small business, and have peace of mind that your property will be covered with commercial property insurance from Prime Insurance Market.  

#5 Workers Compensation Insurance

Any technology business that has employees will need to look into workers compensation insurance. Ensure that you are taking care of your technology professionals by providing them with workers comp coverage. No matter the position they hold in your company, a number of events could occur that they become injured or unable to perform their everyday duties. 

Workers compensation insurance will help cover medical costs that come with injuries as well as the possible compensation of missed wages. While most states require business owners to have workers compensation insurance, it will also show your technology professionals that you have their best interests at heart. 

Tech Professionals That May Need Tech Insurance

IT Consultants

Software Developers

Software Engineers

Hardware Specialists

Data Processors

Computer Repair Technicians


Cyber Security Specialists

Website Developers

Web Integration Specialists


How Prime Insurance Market Can Help 

As a technology business owner, the decisions that come with insuring your business may be overwhelming. That is where we come in! Prime Insurance Market works with some of the top insurance companies in Georgia and South Carolina to ensure that we are providing your technology business with the best rates possible in the insurance coverage areas that you need. 

Many of these commercial insurance companies offer a business owners policy that combines some of the insurance coverages mentioned above. Still not sure what type of coverages your technology business needs? Contact our commercial insurance brokers at Prime Insurance Market in Alpharetta today to learn more or to compare insurance prices amongst the top insurance companies!


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